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What is Michigan Geriatric Care Management Services?

It is a professional company that provides the highest quality professional assistance to seniors and their families. Our professionals are state licensed and insured and have over 50 years of combined experience providing social work, healthcare, and care management services.

We provide services such as:

  • Screening, arranging and monitoring in-home help.
  • Conducting care planning assessments to identify eligibility for government and community assistance programs.
  • Assist your legal representatives in carrying out your needs concerning conservatorship, guardianship, or power of attorney issues.
  • Assist you with locating and transferring you to alternative housing.
  • Monitor and manage your property or real estate while you are out of town or incapacitiated.
  • Any other specialized assistance programs for our senior population.

Healthcare Management and Advocacy

Medical Equipment Supplies

Caregiver/Chore Provider

Home Repair /Handyman Services

And Many More Valuable Services
Michael L. Flannery, MSW/CSW
34589 Summers
Livonia, MI 48154
Cell Phone: 313.231.0008  Fax: 313.429.6070
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